Token Utility


Game Currency

First and foremost, ALEA is our in-game currency. Users will purchase gear and other cosmetic items in game with ALEA. These items are aesthetic only; you will never be able to pay to increase your player power.

Skillful Showdowns

The premiere feature for ALEA will be its fast, skill-based arena matches. In these matches, participants pay an entry fee in ALEA. All fees are collected and awarded to the winners, with a percentage taken for the following:

  • Revenue sharing (detailed below)

  • Token burn, causing deflationary pressure

  • Development fund

  • A secret, 4th thing 😎 (stay tuned!)

Revenue Share

ALEA can also be locked to earn a percentage of all fees accrued from matches. When a match is ended, percentage of fees will be distributed to ALEA lockers.

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