Alea is a competitive, hero-based arena brawler. Step into the colosseum, where gladiators use strategic abilities and swift movement options in a climactic clash for glory and spoils. Two teams enter, one team leaves...will it be yours?

The term "Alea" comes from Rome, meaning "a game of chance". Participants were called Aleators, and their ancient contests took many forms, from rolling dice to hurling javelins.

Our Aleators have something different in mind: combat.

By combining the excitement of skillful, team-based combat with the thrill of real stakes, Alea creates an environment of intense, electrifying competition. Every match matters. Do you have what it takes to win?


Alea is a multiplayer game set in a charming Greco-Roman aesthetic. It is built in Unreal Engine 5, and powered by Ethereum.

Players control a hero, called an Aleator. Aleators have their own unique abilities, roles, strengths, and weaknesses. Aleators compete in the Colosseum, in 2v2 or 3v3 arena matches.

Matches are best-of-5, and ranked matches require an entry fee, paid in ALEA. At the end of the match, winners take the pot.


The main goal of Alea is to be FUN. GameFi currently suffers from a dearth of games that are enjoyable in their own right. We seek to change that.

We are here to create a gaming ecosystem that is player-driven, player-owned, and player-enjoyed. By synthesizing web3 capabilities with a game that is inherently fun, we believe we will create the first truly reputable blockchain game.

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