Token Info


ALEA, our native utility token, serves as our in-game currency, empowering transactions and gameplay within our game.

Token Supply

Total Supply: 1,000,000

Circulating Supply: 830,000

Strategy Fund: 170,000 Note: Strategy Funds are vested linearly. Unlock schedules are here. These funds are used for marketing and new hires.

Liquidity & Tax


ALEA liquidity is locked, which can be verified here.

If users wish to add LP themselves, they can do so on Uniswap.


Currently, there is a volume tax as follows:

  • Buy: 6%

  • Sell: 6%

  • Transfer: 6%

The split of this tax is as follows:

  • Marketing/Development: 5%

  • Locked liquidity: 1%

While this tax supports current development, eventually it will be significantly reduced and eventually eliminated.

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