• Distribution & updates through our custom launcher

  • Polish pass: VFX, SFX, game feel

  • Full roster of playable Aleators

  • Bi-weekly gameplay tests with feedback & balancing

  • Marketing & web presence

The goal of our Alpha phase is to focus on the GAME in GameFi. We strongly believe that our game must be fun-first. This stage will see the most rapid iteration, for which we built our own custom game launcher.

Beta - Phase 1

  • Extensive testing of server scalability

  • Fee-generating matches (at scheduled times)

  • NFT Marketplace

Beta begins when we are satisfied with the game's combat, game feel, character balance, and overall polish. In this phase, we are testing the tech to scale the game. This is also where blockchain features come online, namely the fee-generating matches and NFT cosmetics.

Beta - Phase 2

  • Epic Store listing

  • Always-on servers

  • Spectator Mode (Spectators do more than just watch...Stay tuned😎)

  • Additional marketing

Beta 2 is the final phase before release. Here, we turn the servers on permanently and really begin a push to onboard new players. We will also build the spectator feature during this phase, completing our core gameplay loop. In ALEA, spectators do a lot more than just watch. Info on this will be released...Soon™️.

Release & Future

  • Crossplay with Playstation, Xbox

  • Creator contest

  • Official tournament with exclusive prizes

  • Additional Aleators

  • Additional game modes

Alea is built as a live-service game, which means "release" is by all means not the final stage. Updates will continue indefinitely.

Most notably, we intend to grow Alea's game modes past just arena matches. (8v8 capture-the-flag, anyone? 😎)

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